Monday, February 9, 2015

A Beautiful Sunrise...

I have always been an early morning riser and I have often managed to  watch some of the most beautiful sunrises that can take one's breath away. Since owning Abigail's I have found the prefect window through which to watch the rising sun come over the Ashland hills. Fortunately the way Abigail's is positioned gives everyone who rises early an opportunity to watch the sunrise coffee in hand. It is such a short lived moment but worth every second. Abigail Duniway, Abigail Alcott with its own balcony and of course our cottage with the swing under the apple tree are perfect viewing places. The front porch and our living room area also offer a great place to sit, relax, drink coffee and take in the moment.

A quiet moment, early morning sunrise in front of Abigail's.

An awesome moment..

Ashland, Oregon home to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

At its peak......

and then the moment has gone and is just a memory in time.

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