Monday, February 9, 2015

The Would Be Gardener!

I have always loved a tidy garden and back in Zimbabwe had a passion for Roses, Cactus Plants and low maintenance gardens with lovely extensive green lawns - as you can imagine we had lots of ground space which is normal living in Africa. Fortunately now in our new home in America I have discovered that, although the seasons differ greatly between the two countries the plants are fairly similar. I have just had to figure out when, where and what to plant in my new Abigail's garden - as you can see the differences between the two gardens are rather dramatic.... no more roses for me though as I shall have a fight on my hands trying to keep the deer from decimating them!

Lots of lawn space - the grass is fairly short, stubby and strong, drought resistant..

Hydrangea's loving their early morning shade and afternoon sun position!

A male Brazilian Pepper Tree with lots of tropical shrubs and Orchids..

These Orchids belonged to my Grandfather and are over 50 yrs. old, I have left them in the loving hands of my friends I hope.

The narly branched of the Brazilian Pepper Tree...

These are the orchids that have been split from the parent plant.

Our New Garden and our New Home - March 2014 - just look at the wonderful Spring bulbs bursting into bloom. My new garden love affair is about to begin...

I am just amazed with Spring, everything is so fresh and I am waiting daily to see the changes to the garden at Abigail's - they happen so fast - the bulbs that I planted last year are finally beginning to peek up through the ground and I wait with baited breath for my first Daffodil - the garden is a wonderful place to be right now. 
Time for pruning the Grape Vines!
I decided that due to my lack of gardening knowledge in America that the best course of action was to attend Gardening Classes. So I signed up for the Classes that the Oregon State University Extension Service -  Jackson Co. Master Gardener Association. I attended the first one on Saturday 7 February along with Adam (kicking and screaming I might add, he is after all an accountant). It was all about Grape Pruning which proved to be a huge source of information for me as I have a love affair with Wine and Food Dinner Pairing. I loved the class and fully intend on attending a few more when I am not up early in the morning cooking breakfast for our Guests. Now to tackle the grape vine....... Adam claims to have had no understanding of the class whatsoever mmmmm!

Heading outside for some Grape Pruning Lessons.

Our Class in the "Vineyard"  with Chris Hubert, Oregon Vineyard Supply...

My first experience of Spring in Abigail's Garden,, March 2014 - I have to say Abi's garden was a huge selling point for me when we decided to purchase Abigail's Bed and Breakfast Inn.

Our Garden - still asleep.... 

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