Friday, February 24, 2012

Animal Crackers

When you read the title of today's post, "Animal Crackers" did your mind immediately go to those yummy little animal-shaped cookies that come in a red and yellow box with a circus train car on the side and a cool white carrying handle?!  Be honest!

Yum! Right?!  Okay, get yourself some cookies and milk, sit back and let's talk about the pure silliness known as the Marx Brothers and their 1930's classic movie, "Animal Crackers" now being performed by the talented actors of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival 
Hello, I must be going!
Hurrah for Captain Spaulding, the African explorer, skirt chaser and wise-cracking guest of honor at a posh Long Island house party. High jinks meet high society when he and his cronies mix it up with social climbers and stolen paintings. Written for the Marx Brothers, this slapstick madcap musical busts out with zany songs and lavish dance numbers. Released as a film after the 1929 Wall Street crash and recently adapted, it proves that you can’t keep an anarchic comedy full of pungent one-liners down.

YouTube: Animal Crackers - Hello I Must be Going

OSF has kicked off what promises to be an outstanding season with "Animal Crackers" and we were in the audience on Sunday night.  I have to admit, I am not usually a fan of slapstick silly humor but they won me over and I (we) giggled the whole way through.  OSF sets the bar so high for the quality of performance one can't help but be impressed, and that was evident by the sold out performance, the laughter throughout the theater and the standing ovation.  

The design of the Angus Bowmer Theatre is such that although I haven't sat in every single seat, I feel fairly safe in saying there does not seem to be a bad seat and it is a roomy comfortable theatre. OSF suggests the play is suitable for children 10 and older who can "keep up with the pun and word play."  Overall, this was a fun performance that kept us happily entertained.  If you're coming to Ashland and you enjoy the Marx Brothers, silliness and laughter, then Animal Crackers is the play for you.  

Of course you know where to stay in Ashland, right?!  And when you make your reservation let me know you read this post and I'll make sure there is a box of Animal Crackers and a cold glass of milk waiting for you!

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