Wednesday, April 11, 2012

We Are Here - 150 Years After

Oh, how I wish we had been here. It must have been an incredibly moving experience, September 30, 2006, to witness the walk - ceremonially undoing The Trail of Tears from 150 years ago.  I feel as if we missed out on something very special.

"In honor and celebration of 150 years of survival, recovery, and continued struggle since the forced removal of Indians from all over western Oregon to two small reservations in 1856, a major gathering will be held ..."  to read more click on link.

And to learn more about Agnes Baker Pilgrim

Ever since we moved here I've been fascinated by the 20' wooden sculpture; wondering what was the history behind the amazing carving in wood.  I finally took the time to stop and pay attention.  There is a series of photographs on display (on a covered wall) near the sculpture.  From this display I captured these photos.  I think it must have been an overwhelmingly special day for so many, and such a story to tell. 

The artist and Agnes Baker Pilgrim

The Gateway Alder - October 29, 2002, from which the sculpture was carved
A work in progress

Just look at her face!  She is beautiful!


Agnes Baker Pilgrim next to the Gateway Alder

The blanket dance

What about you?  Is there a particular place, or statue, or carving, or memorial marker that you've always been curious about?  I'd be willing to bet that if you stop and take the time to pay attention, you'll come away thinking it was well-worth it!

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