Sunday, April 15, 2012

Admit It, You Have One Too

Everyone has one of these, right?! 
A pile of papers with recipes and notes to self?  Do you find a recipe in a magazine at the doctor's office and although you are tempted, you resist, do the right thing and you don't tear out the page, but instead you jot down the ingredients and hopefully remember the rest when you get home, but in the end you just add the note to the pile? Or, you print out the perfect recipe from the Internet and then of course that page gets added to the pile as well. Do you have a favorite recipe that you like to make/bake often but can never quite remember the measurements, or you want to just make/bake 1/2 a recipe?  

That's me, I should say that was me because I came up with what I like to think is the idea of the century.  Well, that might be a bit of a stretch, but for me it's the perfect solution.  I  prepare a 2-course breakfast for every guest that stays with us and I bake pretty much every day.  I have a file of recipes on my laptop but I don't like having the laptop in the kitchen because I'm a bit of a klutz and it wouldn't take me long to either spill something on my keyboard or knock the computer to the floor.  I don't want to deal with a binder, cuz my hands are usually sticky or covered in dough, and when I'm making breakfast for 10 - 12 guests, I don't have the counter space to spare for a binder.  It took me months of some serious brain power (and if you figured this out a long time, please don't tell me) but I finally came up with the ideal solution, at least for me.

My pile
Magnetic photo frames from the $1 store.  How did we live before the $1 store?!
Brilliant, right?!  And this is jut the start, I have at least a dozen more to print and frame, but I am one happy cook, baker, and candlestick maker Innkeeper.  I just made my life so much easier.  Every thing I need to know, right there on the refrigerator door.  After all, isn't that why refrigerators are magnetic?

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  1. OK, Girl you are just to brilliant. I will be stopping by the $1 store to pick me up some of those frames very soon.
    Thank you for sharing this idea, my head is spinning with some more ideas for the frames.