Monday, July 2, 2012

The Rogue Creamery

We discovered the Rogue Creamery in October of 2011 when we spotted the name on a highway attraction sign.  You know the signs that list what to see/do at a particular freeway exit?  So, off the freeway we went but it was too late in the day and they were closed.  It didn't take us long though before we were back and tasting cheese.  Mmmmm.... cheese!  And guess what?  It is right next door to Lillie Belle Chocolates.  Remember Lillie Belle's sign that read Blue Cheese Truffles?  Yep, the creamery is where they get the award-winning blue cheese.

Being the intelligent readers that you are you've probably already figured out that when I send our guests to Lillie Belle, I tell them to park in the middle of the parking lot and walk both left and right.  Left to Lillie Belle and right to the Rogue Creamery.  Then, once they have their chocolate and cheese I tell them to drive north for about 20 minutes on Hwy 5 to go wine tasting at Del Rio Winery, but that's another blog, actually a prior blog post.  I mean seriously, chocolate, cheese and wine, does it get any better?

The list of awards garnered by the Rogue Creamery is so long it would take pages (and pages) to list them all so instead, I am linking you to their awards page so you can read for yourself, because really it is a seriously impressive list

If you're reading this and just drooling for some cheese, you can order online and if you are traveling through, they will wrap your cheese for travel.  We took a pound of Flora Nelle blue cheese all the way to Washington, D.C. and it was wrapped so perfectly not a snitch of cheese was out of place.

Who doesn't love a blue pick-up truck with a cow on the side?
The main entrance at 311 N Front Street - Central Point, OR

Such a great store!

Hmmm.... which one?!

Just a sampling of their ribbons.
I have yet to catch them in the act!

Love the classic neon nostalgia!

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