Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Trip to the Winery

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Vineyards and Wineries in Southern Oregon and Umpqua Valley are fast becoming some of the finest wine producing regions in the country? Many different varieties of wine grapes are grown here. Southern Oregon climate varies from cool and wet to warm and dry, and a variety of soils make this a premium wine making region. Southern Oregon offers an excellent selection of wines such as Claret and Pinot Noir, Mescolare, Chardonnay, Merlot, Viognier, and Cabernet Sauvignon, Spanish and French wine grapes. We invite you to visit our exceptional Vineyards and Wineries in Southern Oregon and Umpqua Valley today.

One of our favorite wineries (we still have so many more to explore) is Del Rio Vineyards and Winery. On our very first visit to Del Rio we knew we had found someplace special so we became members right then and there. Since then, we have gone back many times and we highly recommend Del Rio to our guests as well.  On our recent visit to pick up our club wine selections, we were invited to take a group tour of the vineyard and winery.  It was a particularly cold and blustery day, but the tour was well-worth braving the not so ideal weather and Jennifer, our tour guide, gave our group a private tasting, lucky us! The inner workings of the winery is an impressive enterprise.  Here are a few photos to help entice you. And if these photos aren't enough, when you book a room with us here at Abigail's, we'll send you wine tasting at Del Rio, on us! What are you waiting for?!

How cute is that?

Wine tasting room, store and vineyard offices

The original Rock Point Stage Station
The sign says it all!
Hattie Beach, also known as the Del Rio Stage house ghost.
Reminds me of a giant Tonka toy, but it is the new harvester.  Drives right over the vines while someone walks ahead to watch for rocks and other unwanted objects.  The floor, where the driver sits, is glass so he/she can look down over the vines.
Storage tanks, can't quite remember what Jennifer said they hold... along the lines of 15,000 gallons?
The doors were made from the wood of the original building floor, turn-of-the-century.
Yes, that is ice! It is the process of cold stabilization.
The bottling and label assembly line
Vineyard in March

Vineyard in March
This is a photo of the same vineyard, taken last summer.  I need a panoramic lens to capture the perfect alignment of the surrounding hills.  Trust me, it is picture perfect!

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