Thursday, July 21, 2011

The question begs to be asked...

Someone recently asked me why people stay in a Bed & Breakfast Inn rather than a hotel.  Although hotels can offer comfort during your stay, for the most part they are all pretty much alike.  We’ve stayed in fabulous hotels that offer the ultimate vacation experience (I’m thinking in particular of the amazingly beautiful infinity pool that overlooks the Sea of Cortez at the Hilton in Cabo San Lucas) but we have also stayed in hotels where the walls were so thin we could hear conversations in the next room. What makes a Bed & Breakfast experience special is the level of personal service, the unique charm of the guest suites and of course, the breakfast!  When I stand in my kitchen looking at the mess I made preparing breakfast burritos or chocolate chip pancakes for 10 people, I try to focus on what I hear on the other side of the kitchen door, in the dining room.  What I hear is our guests chatting and laughing with each other long after finishing their meals.  These are people who’ve never met before they sat down next to each other in our dining room.  Hearing their voices and laughter makes me happy; it lets me know our guests are comfortable and that is one of the main reasons people stay at a Bed & Breakfast Inn; the feeling of comfort in a home away from home.  This is what you cannot get in a hotel.

We have an amazing front porch.  Our guests sit in comfort while they sip their coffee, tea, soda or a glass of wine.  Some enjoy the quiet early morning hours, while others enjoy the evening as the day cools and the colors of the hills change as the sun sets.  This is what you cannot get in a hotel.

When our guests leave us, we receive kind words of gratitude and we often receive big hugs and a “see you next summer!”  When is the last time you hugged the desk clerk at your favorite hotel?!  This is what you cannot get in a hotel.

A view of our dining room

Our font porch (the north end)

The south end of our front porch

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