Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Door, in 4-Part Transformation

Last summer, not long after we took over the inn, this is what the entrance to what was then called, Shakespeare's Garden guest room looked like.  We tried to spruce it up a bit by adding color to the garden, but it was just a cosmetic fix at this point.  I always think of the house color as blah beige.

The garden room is just steps away from the back door.

Crazy Andrew painting the house and door trim at the end of last summer.  We were so happy to say good-bye to blah beige!

The house painted, but still with the brown-stained door, not quite finished.

Two days ago, the resident maintenance man painted the door white and today the final perfect touch was put in place.

Now that's a door!

Picture perfect - Abigail's Garden Guest Suite

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