Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pasta Piatti

You can probably imagine how often we get asked for recommendations for where to have dinner.  We have a handful of favorites and I can pretty well match what the guests taste buds are yearning for.  The other night we took a good friend of ours to dinner and we went to one of our favorites, Pasta Piatti.  Now, keep in mind I am no food critic, nor have I been trained in the culinary arts.  I do, however run a commercial kitchen and I can definitely cook; I do it every day and we did own a restaurant for 16 years, so I think I can offer a pretty fair review. 
First of all, Pasta Piatti, as I tell those who ask, is consistently good, I can honestly say I've never had a bad meal there.  Advertised as "new world Italian" the food is always freshly prepared.  During lunch hours, the homemade soups are delicious.  We've been told the chef starts with a base stock and then each bowl of soup is made to order, which is why there are fewer soups offered during dinner hours, due to time constraints.  We quite often stop in for a bowl of soup for lunch, which is served with warm freshly-baked ciabatta bread.  But this night was all about dinner.  

My favorite pasta dish, Gemelli, is made with mesquite smoked chicken, sun dried tomato cream, caramelized pearl onions, scallions and shaved Parmesan.  Served with freshly-baked ciabatta bread and basil pesto.  Every bite makes your taste buds dance for joy!

Gemelli - $11.50  Just looking at this photo makes me SO hungry!
As a side note:  Pasta Piatti is the first restaurant in Ashland we visited while we were here to find our Inn.  We stopped in for a late lunch and sat at a window table.  It was raining, really raining.  Then all of a sudden the rain drops turned to big fluffy white snow flakes.  It was pure magic and we took it as a sign that we had found our new home.  Well, that and we had just made an offer on our Inn.  So, along with the food being consistently wonderful, it's a sentimental stop as well.

Pasta Piatti
(541) 488-5493

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