Friday, May 4, 2012

Tools of the Trade

Not long after I started to write the blog I took our readers on a behind the kitchen door tour.  I really should probably do another tour because after nearly a year I have organized and reorganized multiple times and I think I've finally gotten it right.  But today, I'm sharing a few of my tools of the trade, some of my favorites if you will. I came up with the idea this morning as I was frying bacon and absolutely loving my splatter screen and thinking every kitchen should have one.  So, here we go, here's a few of my favorite tools of the trade.

I cannot tell you how many times I've been splattered by hot bacon grease, including taking a couple of splats in the eye.  I found this splatter screen at Target and although it was a bit pricey at $25 it's worth every penny to save my skin (and my vision).  It goes in the dishwasher too, just sits right on top of the dishes.  Oh, and the handle folds over for easy storage.
I use this little scrub brush a lot.  I am right-handed though but couldn't manage to "model" the finger grip with my right and hold the camera and snap a photo with my left hand.
My toy tool box, multiple whisks and multiple tongs.  My favorite tongs are on the right.  My favorite whisk has the red handle.  I don't know why they are my favs, they just are.  And I've had my rolling pin for as long as I can remember.
Where my tool box sits, right next to the stove and above my big jar of spoons and spatulas.  And just above my tool box is a short-spaced shelf with my cooling racks.  Having adjustable shelves makes for great space saving!
The handy "under the cabinet" wire baskets are the best.  I have 6 of them in my kitchen and laundry room.  This one holds my measuring cups.  Having multiple sets of measuring cups is just so convenient, but I definitely have sets that I tend to grab first.  I don't know why.
Having multiple sets of measuring spoons is a plus as well.  The ornate iron wall plaque was oddly enough in the powder room when we bought the inn.  I don't know why.  Definitely is not strong enough to hold a purse or bag.  I couldn't figure out where to put it until it ended up here cuz I think it's cool and a really convenient place to hang the spoons.  Also, easily accessible are one of my colanders, a strainer, my grater and bottle brush.  We serve our juice in glass carafes, the bottle brush is a must.  Oh, and my sponge holder which allows the sponge to drain instead of just sitting in a puddle.  (I take out a new sponge about every 3 or 4 days)
This is another one of my strainers but it is "never" used for anything other than powdered sugar.  I keep the scoop in the canister and use the strainer to sprinkle powdered sugar on yummy things such as chocolate chip pancakes and waffles.
My cookbooks, but really this photo is about the shelf spacing and my storage tubs, which are great by the way.
Another example of adjustable shelves and storage tubs.  Note the serving trays hanging on the wall.  These trays are used to deliver breakfast to our cottage.  Hanging them on the wall is great space saving as well.
This white board calendar manages my days/weeks.  I seriously, would be lost without it.  When you work 24/7 being able to easily see a calendar (to figure out what day it is) is, for me, incredibly helpful. The space on the left is where I leave notes for our housekeeper.
This is our new microwave, which has awesome features such as soften and melt.  So handy when I need to soften a stick of butter or a block of cream cheese.
A really good skillet for pancakes is a must when you make as many pancakes as I do.  My stove top actually has a grill that can replace the burners, but I never use it because for some reason I really like being able to hold a handle and move the pan when I'm getting ready to "flip" a pancake.  It's my little quirk.

This is ugly, right?  Why photograph this as a tool of the trade?  Ah, well, you see, this is my oven drip pan.  When I'm baking something that I suspect is going to bubble up and over the edge of a dish, this is my drip pan.  A definite must have.
Love my knives, so pretty!  This drawer is at my work island for the most easy access.  Also, in this drawer are my kitchen scissors, my favorite core remover/melon ball thing and my favorite angled spatulas for smoothing layers of goodness.
Gotta have a write board.  Top half is shopping list.  If I don't write it down right when I think of it doesn't happen so having this little white board is great.  The bottom half is a "to do" list.
Ah, the love of my life.  We've been together for over 20 years.
Now, this may seem unusual, but these are essential.  These are my prep/cooking utensils.  When I want to taste, want to scoop out a spoon of jelly, stick a potato with a fork, slice a stick of butter, this is the go-to drawer.  I don't use our guest service for those jobs so this set of odds and ends pieces of silverware are really useful.
Um... I can't read the tiny print on a lot of packaging and my glasses are rarely in the kitchen so this little baby is essential.
My Rachael Ray bowl, can't manage without it. What?  You don't know what a Rachael Ray bowl is?!  It's basically a trash bowl to keep on the kitchen counter for egg shells and the like.  After breakfast dishes get scraped into the bowl and when it's time to clean up, it's just one trip to the trash compactor to empty the bowl.
And finally, for now anyway, let me introduce you to Charlotte.  When we bought the inn I removed nearly every piece of art that was in the house.  There was something about Charlotte though, I couldn't let go of her and so she sat put away for quite some time.  Once we remodeled all of the rooms, she no longer fit the decor, but I still couldn't let her go.  One day I was working in the kitchen and I looked up over the kitchen door and the light bulb went off.  I went and pulled Charlotte out of her resting place and Abi hung her over the kitchen door for me.  She just barely fit, but there she is in all of her regal splendor.  And while she is certainly not a tool of the trade, somehow, I feel better knowing that Charlotte is watching over me.  Oh, and I don't know why I named her Charlotte, I just did.

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  1. I just love seeing all of your gadgets and storage ideas. I must say you really have a wonderfully organized kitchen. I am certainly going to steal some of the ideas.
    PS...Love the collection of colorful knives.