Sunday, October 9, 2011

Make Hay While the Sun Shines!

Or in our case, paint the house!  Last week southern Oregon was hit by a cold front and several days of rain, which delayed the painting.  Yesterday and today were two beautiful warm fall days so Andrew worked like crazy and here are a few photos of the progress. 

This is the south side of the house, the side that takes the afternoon sun and was in the worst condition.  Andrew spent days prepping this side and just when he was ready to paint the weather turned and he had to stop.  Yesterday, he was back at it and as soon as the guests finished breakfast, the windows were covered.  Interesting tidbit:  Look at the top of the picture and you'll see a brick chimney on the roof.  Funny thing about that chimney, we have no fireplace!  We have been told the  chimney was for the original wood burning stove.  There is no flume in the attic either, just the brick chimney sits on the roof.  And now you know...

More masking

This is Andrew in his anti-toxic breathing apparatus painting the back door porch.  When he talks through it he sounds a little like Darth Vader, but with an English accent!

One more patch of blah beige to spray over.  The plants in the foreground are the result of Abi's hard work.  When these fill out and bloom it will be beautiful.  Abi's not so secret passion is gardening.

Good thing the guests, in the garden room, had plans for the afternoon!

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to own, remodel and live in a classic American "white" turn-of-the-century home.  It is somewhat surreal to watch the transformation and to know we are living the dream.

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