Sunday, August 28, 2011


Look straight at this photo of the house and you'll see a large tall Camellia hedge that runs the width of the house on both sides of the front steps.  I agree the hedges are pretty and evergreen, however, we recently discovered what was actually behind those hedges and felt compelled to do something about it. 
Normally, we would not be inclined to take out healthy lovely plants, but when we saw this incredible rock foundation dating back to 1904, we had to expose it. (note the not so pretty railing on the balcony above the front porch)
When the time is right we will plant roses and low-to-the-ground flower beds.
This balcony (above the front porch) is open to a guest room and offers a lovely respite on summer evenings with peaceful views of the surrounding valley and hills.  You can watch the colors move across the hills as the sun sets.  The railing was long past its prime and as such was removed.
This is the new railing!  You may wonder why it's painted dark green... the house will soon be painted and this will be the trim color.
We feel so privileged to be able to bring this wonderful home back to its glory; it's such an adventure!  Stay turned for more transformations to come!

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